Sunday, 21 April 2013

Astoria Shish Kebob House

My mother is Canadian of English background, my father was Greek. That makes me one of the most well spoken and irrational characters going. I was influenced my both sides of the family as far as cuisine is concerned but one thing we could always agree on is our love for good Greek food. Who in the world doesn't enjoy Greek food? We all have our favorite Greek dish and everyone has their favorite Greek restaurant. I left my favorite Greek restaurant behind when I moved to Toronto 7 years ago. It was a time to make new friends and explore new opportunities but someone had to get me to the Greek already!

Not long after I moved to Toronto, I was introduced to Astoria Shish kebob House in Mississauga, ON. A friend of mine suggested we go for lunch. What a terrific discovery it was! It was the perfect place for a lazy lunch and has become one of my favorite places to eat. It's quite nice inside and hardly formal. Bistro style dinning it's best.

The first thing I noticed was it's cleanliness and ding room's airy design. It leaves you feeling like you can dine with space and features a stone fire place at center. It's a Mediterranean atmosphere without all the usual gimmicks that come with selling Greek cuisine. There's no dancing, no plate smashing and thankfully no naked statue of Apollo with his OPA out!  They have a modest wine list, bottled beer and a standard bar rail to offer. That and their open concept grill would suggest the emphasis is all on food.

Watch their grill master prepare all the Greek specialties or just enjoy the wafting aromas from your table. Their lamb souvlaki is a robust skewer prepared to a temperature you'd enjoy. It's served with some of the best tzatziki ever made. I have yet to find something it doesn't taste amazing with. The menu at Astoria has all that you'd expect of good Mediterranean cuisine.

Astoria offers a small patio that can be enjoyed all summer long. Located on a busy stretch on Dundas St. the patio is set well enough off of the road that it can be enjoyed without the dust traffic can kick up. I've popped in many times for just a cold  Stella Artios and a flaming saganaki. on a hot summer day. A cold beer and that salty kefalograviera is often more enticing than the rest of the days responsibilities.

Last June my uncle George past away at the age of 92. One of the last of his generation, God rest his soul. Many arrangements had to be made and we all did our part as a family. For me, Astoria was an easy choice made for a group of 32 friends and family. The solarium couldn't have been more appropriate to celebrate a good man's legacy. It was a sun filled room on a beautiful summer day, symbolic of his eternal memory. Agiorgitiko complimented with feta cheese was a wine selection that everyone enjoyed. Hummus, olives and pita for all!  Greek village salad and grilled Chilean Sea Bass was served. It was everything we could have possibly enjoyed.  The children devoured all of their souvlaki. and were mystified by the flaming saganaki.

The service was attentive; it always is, our waiter worked a relaxed pace. Astoria couldn't have offered us a better experience. See you again soon.

Astoria Sish Kebob House


Appetizer: Saganaki, Hummus

Entree: Lamb Souvlaki, Chilean Sea Bass

Desert: Baklava

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