Tuesday, 19 March 2013

The Harbour Street Brasserie

There isn't much time for recreation in my business.Those of you that work in the industry would surely attest. Long hours, double shifts, split shifts, on call and weekends. It's not an easy business and if you're like me, you feel like a vampire living opposite ends of the day from all those 9 to 5 weekend offer's.What can I say? We're dedicated, passionate workaholics.

As unpredictable and erratic as our schedules get, it's important to enjoy a little break in the action and take advantage of those off season lulls and lazy weekdays. I have a favorite little spot that I like to go, even if it's for a little two day getaway. I've been going there once every summer for 15 years and It's well worth the 2 1/2 hour drive from Toronto. It's a quaint little British influenced town on Lake Huron called Kincardine.

The locals hardly have anything to boast of their ghastly, Siberian like winters but in the summer months there is always something going on! Scottish festivals, fishing charters, sail boating, windsurfing, street dances, folk festivals, beautiful public beaches and a lot of semi private beach stretches as well. ;)

Kincardine is a beautiful little beach town famous for their sunsets. Every hot summer night; locals and tourists alike, can be found parading their blankets and lawn chairs through the town streets, gathering to watch the sunset over Lake Huron. If you're lucky enough to be there on a Saturday night, the Phantom Piper will play his bagpipes atop the marina lighthouse as the sky lights its wondrous hue to end another summer date. I could go on and on about this special town and it's special place in my heart but I must get to my point of discussion. The Harbour Street Brasserie.

The Harbour Street Brasserie is easily a highlight for me anytime I have visited Kincardine. With it's upper casual to formal dining atmosphere it's made comfortable with it's Colonial, cottage like ambiance and professional service. A solid, simple menu keeps ingredients fresh and is complimented by fresh daily dinner features that will have you torn between ordering one of everything or booking a second dinner reservation. A must every time I go!

Last time I visited with a lady friend and entertained another couple from Toronto. We dined on the patio over looking the tennis courts and Lake Huron. The patio is hard covered in gazebo like fashion and the light glowed as the sun neared the water. We had some laughs and good conversation while the violinist played a birds song behind our white linen table. Presented with care and fresh ingredients, I enjoyed the escargot for appetizer, braised lamb shank for entree and creme brule for dessert. What a great night, great food and great wine selections.

My guests returned to Kincardine 5 weekends straight!


Appetizer: Escargot

Entree: Braised Lamb Shank, Surf & Turf

Desert: Creme Brule





  1. Sounds wonderful a must by the description for my ever growing bucket list with my husband.

    1. hha You'll just have to find the time AMC. ;)